Omni-channel or expand e-commerce aspects may not be missed in your strategy. But how do you design your own fulfillment activities.


Within the Mail and Parcel Industry development goes rapidly. Particularly by the increase of the packages and the changing capacity needs, there are plenty of challenges in this industry.


Companies often face a choice. Either do it yourself or outsourcing the fulfillment to companies that are equiped and ready to accommodate your growth. ULS provides solutions to these 3PL companies for the service and for new or expanding systems.


Everyone has to deal with the optimization of internal logistics. Similarly, the government, for saving costs in large-scale projects.


The material handling for Pharmacy & Cosmetics is a specialty due to the products that have to be treated with extra care.


Within the Warehouse & Distribution, there are a variety of industries with matching solutions. We have put a selection in a row of different branches.


ULS versatile in both maintenance and inspection of each system as well as developing the right system.


ULS Logistic Systems is the independent and all-round service provider within the VanRiet Group that can maintain, extend or inspect systems irrespective of make. ULS operates in particular in Benelux and Germany. The VanRiet Group has over 65 years of experience in offering intralogistics solutions by developing and building automated storage and internal transport systems. The group works worldwide and has now completed over 2000 projects, turn-key or as a part project within a total system. All the companies within the group work on a solution-oriented basis and have a common purpose, namely to enable your logistics processes to run smoothly and efficiently.
We are a flexible company with short lines between the management and employees who are highly trained. ULS employees are versatile and skilled. We work closely with the head office and knowledge centre of the VanRiet Group in Houten. ULS has its own establishment and warehouse in Ede. ULS can fall back on the worldwide partner network of the VanRiet Group with its own establishments in Poland and China.
We give you an idea of our specific knowledge and experience with the aim that you challenge us to work with you to ensure that your system performs to the optimum and an experienced service team is always on hand to look after you, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our objective is that you achieve a maximum score for productivity, scalability and reliability.
We are pleased to accept this challenge and make your company more competitive. Together we ensure the best service solution.

Be assured that based on commitment ULS is the right supplier.


Our mission

ULS Logistic Systems is a market-oriented organisation that for customer-specific service solutions thinks, works and communicates independently during and after the supply of services. With our open, flexible and no-nonsense organisation we look after our customers. As an all-round service partner – that is independent of the supplier – we provide a professional and adequate service with the aim of ensuring that the maximum uptime for your system is achieved. ULS serves its customers with various material handling systems for both SMEs and corporate clients mainly in Benelux and Germany. Where necessary ULS can create a system or extend existing systems. ULS specialises in the integration of cranes and where necessary it can operate in combination with the parent company as System Integrator.


ULS has its own label. Where ULS acts is the service for professionalism and adequacy with a high quality front, even 24 hours a day, seven days a week and worldwide.
In short, the optimal lifetime support. The wide-educated, continuously trained and certified service engineers, our service and the approach to extensions of the same high level so that your intra-logistics system maximum performance when it comes to efficiency and availability.
In order to achieve these results, there are provided various services. The preventive maintenance ensures that you’re trouble for our independence and we can advise you best and where necessary to offer extensions or new system solutions.

Our core values are:
1. Respect
2. Integrity
3. Professionalism
4. Sustainability
5. Quality
6. Innovation


Innovation always promotes
• Reduction of operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Increased output and optimize the availability
• Lower power consumption and better recycling system capabilities
• Ease of use (ergonomics)
• Safety
• Reliability Sustainability (CSR / CSR) We believe that economic performance is linked to sustainability.


Sustainable business (CSR)
We believe that economic performance must be associated with sustainable business. We do this among other things by:
• Checking systems by our certified inspections with corresponding advice
• Carrying out the safety inspection with Directive /104/EC with which the safety of both our own employees and those of the customer is ensured when using work equipment.
• Complying with the stringent environmental requirements in the countries where we work
• Minimising our carbon footprint as regards energy consumption, transport and waste
• Wherever possible recycling parts and materials
Your process, our solution

What solutions do we have in store for you?

Your service menu, something for everyone:

    1. Do you want a different service from your existing system?
      We work with our customers on a partnership basis and ensure that you receive the appropriate service level and support for your maintenance services. If you have your own technical service we can support them and for example just carry out inspections, but if you are considering outsourcing these activities then our service team is there to help, irrespective of what system you have. We can of course advise you beforehand what savings are possible and what solutions we can offer you to ensure the optimum availability and reliability of your system.
      The advantages of our ULS service operations are:
      • Taking care of any system because of our supplier independence
      • Lower operating costs (TCO)
      • Increasing reliability and availability
      • Specialist Service Engineers who are certified for safety inspections
      • Modular (flexible to extend or adapt)


    1. Extending your existing system or a new system
      Through our objective approach and knowledge of your and other systems we can support you through the total process of extension, replacement or even the development of a new system. In this case ULS operates as an independent System Integrator. Multinationals from various business sectors such as KLM/Air France, HEMA, DHL, TNT and Hegron Cosmetics have gone through these processes with ULS to their satisfaction. As a System Integrator ULS has in its portfolio an additional specialism within the group: the use of cranes.
      The advantages:
      • Objective and independent advice to provide all-round service as a System Integrator
      • Optimum return due to expert experienced in maintenance
      • Guaranteed safe and reliable use of your handling system


  1. Preventive and corrective maintenance
    With good maintenance, both preventive and corrective, the performance of your material handling system is constantly optimised. ULS can take care of this for you irrespective of the supplier system by producing a plan for you with a schedule for this maintenance. The response times agreed in advance and guaranteed by us are a priority and of course having it operate and perform, whereby the operating costs (TCO) are reduced.
    The advantages:
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and faster ROI
    • Guaranteed safe and reliable use of your handling system
    • Ergonomic
    • Extends the life of your system


Your Material Handling Solutions

A specific solution for every business sector

With decades of experience and as part of a group that has been operating for over 65 years we actively offer you (service) solutions for your intralogistics. We have built up an exceptional knowledge of what is happening in your business sector. We give below a few examples of business sectors for which time and again we have produced an appropriate solution. Is your sector not included? Let us know and there is a good chance that our solutions can also be used in your sector.